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  • Amin Amirul Haque
    Greetings from National Garment Workers Federation (NGWF).

    We are encouraged knowing your program on April 24, to pay tributes to the victims of Rana Plaza collapse. We express full solidarity with your organization. Thank you.
  • Eunice Oh
    Hi, This is Eunice Oh, a journalist for Reportage Online.

    I am currently in the midst of producing a video news story on ethically made clothing in Australia.

    I would love to interview someone from the ABSN, briefly on why it’s important for Australia to source and produce their clothing ethically and what this means for sweatshop workers (in terms of working conditions and wages.)

    I’m based in Sydney so please let me know if there’s an event i can interview someone at, or a suitable time for an in office interview this week. Thank you.

    Yours sincerely,

    Eunice Oh
  • Natalie Pitcher
    Media Enquiry – Hello, my name is Natalie and I am studying Professional Communication at RMIT. I am currently working on a story about the Rana Plaza collapse and how the fashion industry is trying to change to prevent another incident like that from happening.

    I am interested in speaking to someone from the ABSN who may have been there when the accident happened or who knew someone who was affected by the collapse.

    The interview would take place as a short series of questions over email or via telephone at a time that is convenient to you.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

    Natalie Pitcher

  • Ania Anderst
    Media Enquiry – Hi there, my name is Ania and I’m from 3CR community radio station. I co-host the Tuesday Breakfast show, 7am – 8.30am on Tuesday mornings.

    I recently went to the Rana Plaza collapse exhibition and purchased “Song for the Shirt”, and have become increasingly interested in this issue.

    I am interested in doing an interview with someone (preferrably a woman) from ABSN who would be able to speak about what Australians can do for Bangladeshis, during the week of the anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse. The interview would take place Tuesday the 21st of April, between 7am and 8.30am.

    It would be a short 10 minute interview, either at 7.15am, 7.30am, 7.45am or 8.15am.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Kind regards,


    0431 864 781
  • Libby McGrath
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